Virtusize helps retailers to illustrate the size and fit of clothing, shoes and bags online, by letting customers compare the measurements of an item they want to buy (on a retailer’s product page) with an item that they already own (a reference item). This is done by comparing the silhouettes of the retailer’s product with the silhouette of the customer’s reference Item. Virtusize is a widget that opens when clicking on the Virtusize button, which is located next to the size selection on the product page.

You need a unique API key and an Admin account, only available to Virtusize customers. Please contact sales@virtusize.com to become a customer.

There are just two steps required to enable Virtusize on your website:

Integrating using our tag hosting services

  1. Product Page Integration: HTML snippet for Virtusize button and JavaScript snippet to enable the Virtusize button.

  2. Order Confirmation Page Integration: a JavaScript snippet to enable purchase history in the widget for your customers.

The final step prior to going live is to have Virtusize verify your integration. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: sales@virtusize.com


  1. Offline purchase history upload (coming soon)

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