About Cleanfeed

Cleanfeed is a Virtusize service that gives the JSON format measurements data, which is parsed by the crawler, to the stores.

With the formatted measurements data, the stores could make their own features such as formalized size table, measurements searching, measurements recommendations.


Cleanfeed service needs API Key, please ask japan@virtusize.com for the detail.

API Endpoint



no Parameter names
1 STORE_NAME Store name given by virtusize.
Example: demo_store
2 apiKey API Key given by virtusize.
Example: 15cc36e1d7dad62b8e11722ce1a245cb6c5e6692
3 from, to The date range in which the data being parsed.
Example: 2019-12-01
4 page Pagination, which gives 1000 items per page maximun.
Example: 1

Sample API Call


curl "http://api.virtusize.com/typemapper/cleanfeed/virtusize_demo_store?apiKey=15cc36e1d7dad62b8e11722ce1a245cb6c5e6692&from=2018-12-01&to=2018-12-05&page=1" 


http GET 'http://api.virtusize.com/typemapper/cleanfeed/virtusize_demo_store?apiKey=15cc36e1d7dad62b8e11722ce1a245cb6c5e6692&from=2018-12-01&to=2018-12-05&page=1' 

Sample Response

200 OK

    product_type": "tShirt",
    sizes": [
        "measurements": {
          "shoulder": 39.0,
          "sleeve": 63.5,
          "bust": 53.0,
          "height": 63.0
        "name": "L"
        "measurements": {
          "shoulder": 40.0,
          "sleeve": 64.0,
          "bust": 57.0,
          "height": 65.0
        "name": "XL"
        "measurements": {
          "shoulder": 38.0,
          "sleeve": 63.0,
          "bust": 48.0,
          "height": 63.0
        "name": "M"

0 Result Response

when there is no item being parsed in the specified days, or the page number exceeds the maximun, the number or item returned is 0.


Server Error

When there is an error, the response will be with status 500.

  status: "500",
  error: "Internal Server Error"