Technical Background


Currently, the integration has only one dependency, jQuery 1.3 or later. If jQuery is not found on the page, the integration script will asynchronously load jQuery from the Google CDN. This will not slow down the page as it is done asynchronously and most client browsers already have it cached.

Integration script hosting

The integration script is hosted on the global Amazon CloudFront CDN. The file itself has a long-term cache set and is refreshed on new releases.

Asynchronous loading

All script loading is done asynchronously, minimising the impact on the load time of the product page. The integration snippet is inspired by the asynchronous loading done by Google Analytics and Facebook Connect. In the unlikely event of Virtusize servers experiencing down time, the product page will not be impacted other than the Virtusize button not showing.

Code encapsulation

The Virtusize widget opens as an iFrame on the product page, thus there is no CSS or Javascript pollution of the product page, except the integration snippet and the integration script.