Product Types

We support a large range of different types of garments and are continuously working towards supporting more types.

Each type has a set of measurements. Some measurements are marked as required and represent the minimal subset of measurements that have to be provided.

A product type is identified by its common English name in camelCase.

Product Types API

We provide a JSON API to get the data about each product type.

The latest list of available product types can be queried by the following GET request. This will return a list of all product types.

Product types API request:


Product type details

To get detailed information about a specific product type issue the following GET request.

Example details API request:


Example response:

    "id": 1,
    "name": "dress",
    "requiredMeasurements": [
    "optionalMeasurements": [
    "minMeasurements": {
        "hip": 150,
        "waistHeight": 150,
        "waist": 100,
        "sleeveOpening": 50,
        "bust": 150,
        "height": 500,
        "hem": 200
    "maxMeasurements": {
        "hip": 1500,
        "waistHeight": 750,
        "waist": 1200,
        "sleeveOpening": 400,
        "bust": 1200,
        "height": 2500,
        "hem": 2000

Product type attributes

String - Unique product type identifier in camelCase.
List - Measurements that are required for this product type.
List - Measurements that are optional for this product type.
Object - JSON object representing maximal measurements for this product type in millimeters.
Object - JSON object representing minimal measurements for this product type in millimeters.


The length measurement is always represented as height, as length is ambiguous in JavaScript.