How do I verify the integration?

You can verify your integration by using our Bookmarklet. Just drag the following link to your bookmarks bar.

 Virtusize Bookmarklet

When you click this bookmarklet on either your product pages or your order confirmation page, a little toolbar should appear at the bottom of the page. It tells you at first glance if you have integrated correctly.

The debug tab will give you more information about whether or not you have integrated correctly.

In this example below, the using the Debug mode on a product page shows us:

  • The API key being used
  • There is one widget integrated on the page
Virtusize Bookmarklet: Debug tab

In the widget section of the Bookmarklet, we can also see:

  • The Product ID being picked up by the Virtusize snippet
  • The button selector on the page
  • The image URL
  • Whether or not the Product ID is available in the Virtusize database: Valid = true
Virtusize Bookmarklet: Widgets tab

You can append #hasVsWidget to any product page URL, press enter to load and then press enter a second time to verify an integration. For example http://www.store.com/#hasVsWidget

Is Valid Product: false tells you that we don’t have a product in our database. Here is an example response for a valid integration:

Virtusize Integration verification

Product Page Integration

Why isn’t Virtusize showing up on my product pages?

Make sure you have items uploaded to your Virtusize dashboard before testing. The Virtusize button will only be visible for products that are stored in our database.

Make sure you’ve correctly identified the product ID from your product page that matches the product ID for the corresponding product in your Virtusize dashboard. If the IDs don’t match, the button won’t display. If you have multiple product identifiers on your product pages, make sure that you are using the correct value for the Virtusize script that matches the IDs in your Virtusize dashboard.

Do you have different IDs for different color variants / SKUs? If your product pages contain more than one color variant, and each SKU has a unique identifier, make sure you are able to use the correct ID that is unique for that particular item.

If you also have different product identifiers for each different size, there still needs to be a unique ID set for the whole size set.

See Setting the Product ID.

Why is Virtusize widget only displaying one product size?

Make sure you upload all the different sizes for a product under the same product ID. Do not upload each size with a unique product ID.

Why is there no product image in the Virtusize widget?

You need to supply an image URL in the integration on your product pages. When sending back an image URL, make sure that you include http:// or https://

See Setting the Product Image URL.

Will the Virtusize button show up on mobile?

Yes, the Virtusize mobile widget is fully responsive and we have automatic device detection. If your mobile site runs on a different platform to your desktop site, you will need to integrate the Virtusize script separately on your mobile platform.

See Mobile integration.

Why is the integration throwing errors?

If the error is of type a[b].push is not a function or queue.sort is not a function, the error is probably cause by multiple snippets being loaded.

See Multiple Products on Product Page.

Order confirmation integration

Do I need to send back all of the listed attributes to Virtusize from our order confirmation page?

We recommend sending back all attributes. If you are unable to do so, check the list to see the minimum requirements.

See Order information.

Is it okay to send back a dummy user ID?

No, it has to be unique per user.